Custom made products

About the seeds

There aren’t many farmer who deal with the production of birdseeds in Hungary. However, due to the increasing demand on the commodities of birdseed (expecially from the RED, GRITZ and SMALL sized maize) we still have the possibility to reserve fix quantities and make farmers to produce these quantities for us.

NEW AGRO TRADER are able to provide the following birdseeds.
- red sorghum
- "GRITZ" maize (orange coloured)
- red maize
- small sized maize
- black oat for birds
- popcorn for birds
- paddy rice
- durum wheat
- "IREGI" striped sunflower

Based upon the customers’ requests NEW AGRO TRADER are able to delivery these birdseeds in bulk, in BigBags or in 50 kg bags, with or without pallets.

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